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✅ Features and use cases of Customer Service chatbots

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Richard Shapiro

Every company is using some form of AI to allow customers to better self-serve and save money. Knowing as much about your customer as you can from prior purchases, habits and behaviors can facilitate a better customer service experience.

Richard Shapiro — Founder of The Center For Client Retention and a leading authority in the area of customer satisfaction and loyalty
Adrian Swinscoe

There is so much competition nowadays that there is not much difference between many products and services. Therefore, the only thing that differentiates the products and services from each other is the experience and service they deliver to their customers. That's why customer experience is important and why businesses should care.

Adrian Swinscoe — Customer service and experience advisor, speaker, workshop and masterclass leader and aspirant punk at Punk CX
Martin Hill-Wilson

Without a high level of customer satisfaction, the client leaves and the brand dies. And to reach a high level of сustomer satisfaction you have to deliver against functional and emotive needs and expectations consistently.

Martin Hill-Wilson — Emotive CX mentor - Customer Service & AI Engagement Strategist

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